Physician's Formula Super CC Cream Review (for dark/tanned skin)

Monday, 28 March 2016

Wow, 2 rave reviews in the space of two weeks! Madness! I received the Physician's Formula Super CC cream over a year ago and did not start using it until around 6 weeks ago and boy am I impressed. I'll say right now that I would definitely repurchase this product and that it is better than the PF Argan oil BB cream I favourably reviewed (read that here) previously.

Here is the long list of claims: 1st Ever Color-Correction + Care Cream. Color-Correcting Pigments + Anti-Aging. Visibly Corrects: Age Spots, Dark Circles, Blemishes, Dullness, Uneven Skin Tone, Redness, Dark Shadows, Discoloration, Fine Lines, Wrinkles, Signs of Fatigue. Replaces Anti-Aging Treatment, Moisturizer, Foundation and SPF.

Hypoallergenic. Oil Free. Paraben Free. Gluten Free. Fragrance Free. Non-Comedogenic. Dermatologist approved.

I find the packaging to be rather ugly and tacky. Just sayin'.

The CC cream only comes in 1 shade Light/Medium and it is not the sort of CC cream that comes out white and colour adjusts to your skin (and is still WAY too pale if you have tanned skin like me -__-). From what I can see, it is a set medium shade with a neutral tone and happens to match my skin almost perfectly. That in itself is a miracle! I am so used to Korean BB's and CC's being at least 5 shades too light for me!

You can really see the lightweight, almost watery texture!

Here is a comparison with the Argan oil BB cream. Both pretty much have the same tone, shade and slightly dewy finish. The main difference between the two is the adherence and staying power. After the swatches set I rubbed my fingers over them multiple times using firm pressure, effectively trying to wipe off the makeup. As you can see below, the Argan oil BB cream slid off much more easily than the CC cream. 

I dot the CC cream around the centre of my face and buff it in using my favourite flat top brush. Because it is an oil-free formula, there are hardly any streaks and the product is dispensed in a thicker layer than the Argan oil BB. I'd liken the formula to a tinted moisturiser with an intense pigment- it is very thin, but not watery or globby. The coverage is a solid medium and perfect for every day and night use! It also feels incredibly lightweight on my face and I don't feel that guilty wearing it for 12 hour periods because it is non-comedogenic. The finish is semi-matte and I love that it does not emphasise flakes and does quite well to cover scabs. 

You can still see some dark marks through the CC cream, but these days I don't care that much about covering up every single little flaw. I simply dust over everything with a pressed powder which adds a little more coverage, and go! My base pretty much lasts all day because of my dry skin and I would say this product should be ok for oily skin if set with powder. 

This CC cream has been my go-to product for the past 6 weeks and I even used it all the way through my hot and humid stay in Singapore. Here's a list of the things I love about it: matches my tanned skin, medium coverage, light and breathable, high adherence, long lasting and non-comedogenic. 

There's nothing I don't like about it except for the ugly packaging! 

So if you have tanned skin (around NC35) like me and are frustrated with the shade limitations of Korean BB creams, this one is definitely worth a shot! It retails for $25.95 AUD and is probably heaps cheaper in the States (jealous!). 

*I was gifted this product, all my opinions re 100% honest.

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