Klenspop Ellen Panda Blue and Purple Circle Lenses Review

Monday, 25 April 2016

We moved house and the backyard is basically an oasis, so be prepared for lots of product photos making full use of it! Honestly I was getting a bit sick of the whole stark white background theme and I feel like these photos turned out so bright and happy! On another note, other than being sick for the first time in years, I am very excited for my upcoming x-23 cosplay shoot. To see more updates on non-beauty related things like Kim Kine on Facebook and add 'Kimmimod' on Snapchat.

I received the Ellen panda blue and Ellen panda violet lens to review from the bestselling Ellen series. Don't forget to enter code 'KINE KSGK1SV1' for 10% off all lenses from Klenspop!

I also have to mention here first... Both lenses are on sale now for a measly $7!

Klenspop has changed their packaging again to a brightly coloured smaller box which fits only a pair of circle lens vials. This is the first time a lens container was NOT included which surprised me. Thankfully I had 2 spare containers in storage. Maybe a pair of lenses does not come with a case any more?


The violet lenses look quite opaque and flat on their own, but over my brown eyes they really sparkle with the added depth of colour. The design does include a limbal ring which is sometimes scorned for giving an unnatural look, but heck these are violet lenses so you may as well go all out! Up close the violet is very striking, but as you can see from the full face photos, my eyes still appear purple, but are not that bright. With my dark hair and skin, the violet lenses suit me better than the blue.



By the way, the 12 and 14 in the names of the lenses don't mean anything- at first I thought it meant they had different diameters, but they don't. The lenses I am reviewing here are exactly the same design in a different colour. The blue is more pastel and icy than the violet, and in the eyes it is much more striking. I feel like I can only just get away with this colour and I feel that I look a bit 'blind'. The ice queen look also does not do any favours for my resting bitch face.

Overall, these are the most pastel toned lenses I have tried and I am pleasantly surprised at how much I like the look of them! They are definitely opaque enough to cover dark brown eyes and that makes them excellent for cosplay. Thanks to the limbal ring, the enlarging effect is disproportionately huge for 14mm diameter lenses!

Now for the most important point, comfort. I had some issues inserting the blue lenses and had to reinsert them several times before my eyes got used to them. There were no issues with insertion for the violet lenses. Apart from that, they wear comfortably for opaque circle lenses. I was able to wear them for 6 hours with no discomfort which is expected. I also noticed that neither of these lenses slipped down in the my right eye (happens all the time due to my astigmatism!), so that is a huge plus! Hurrah for even irises! 

Currently the Ellen Panda Blue and Ellen Panda Violet lenses are selling for $7. You can't beat that price for genuine, comfortable circle lenses! 

These babies get two thumbs up from me. Now tell me, do you prefer the violet or the blue on me?

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*These lenses were gifted for review, all my opinions are 100% honest.

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