LUSH Caca Brun Henna Hair dye review

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

I HAD to dye my hair for 2 reasons. 1. Cosplay and 2. It looked like orange straw. My hair often frustrates me because it is coarse and naturally dry which means that it lightens very easily. Not a drop of bleach has touched my lengths since I chopped it off up to my shoulders in November 2014, but I did have highlights put in early 2015 (again no bleach, just colour!). Because my hair is porous, it takes to colour very well. This plus the natural lightening from the Australian sun and sea lightened my hair drastically and its condition deteriorated rapidly! 

I was shocked when I took these pictures of my hair in the sunlight. I honestly did not realise how orange and dry the top layers of my hair were! You can see that the shafts look almost hollow and are begging to absorb some darker colour. The inner parts of hair that do not see the sun are strong and dark though.

Contacts: Ellen Panda Blue.

I've mentioned several times that I went no-poo with my hair around 10 months ago. Nothing has changed although I use the occasional Apple cider vinegar rinse after scrubbing my scalp with water. Thus, I did not want to taint my hair with chemicals, so after reading many rave reviews online I decided to purchase a henna block from LUSH! From all the reviews I read, I got 2 main negative points: 
1. It's messy and 2. It stinks!

The 4 available Caca (literally means poop) blocks are:
Caca Rouge
Caca Marron
Caca Brun
Caca Noir

I was not in the slightest bit interested in anything red toned so I was tossing up between Caca Brun and Noir for the longest time. The lovely sales assistant recommended the Brun and said if I wasn't happy with the result, I could come back and they would give me the Noir for free! 

"The subtle coffee-coloured one. Caca Brun is made with indigo and red hennas, plus ground coffee for a deep brown shade. It makes your hair smell like a fresh espresso for a few days. Clove bud oil adds to its spicy scent and we use powdered nettle and seaweed for extra shine and softness. Caca Brun gives your hair a magnificent shine. We recommend it for people with a mousy, undecided hair colour."

The ingredients are ALL natural and coco butter is the number 1 ingredient which sounds so lush and nourishing!

The bricks are much bigger than I expected! They are around the length of my hand! 

I used 4 blocks to dye my entire head, leaving 1/4 of the length out the roots because my hair is already black there. The first thing I did was stick my 4 blocks into a zip lock bag and smash the crap out of them with a rolling pin. 

I remember thinking 'hmmm green'. 

I wanted to 'cook' my henna for a stronger result, so I put my bowl over a pot of boiling water as I added boiling water to cover. 

Keep mixing until the consistency is relatively even! I still had some chunks of henna left that would not dissolve after around 10 minutes of stirring. The consistency of the end mixture is quite gritty. 

Here is where most people complain of the smell. The smell is indeed very strong and herbal, but I think regular chemical hair dyes stink even worse! I would take the more natural smelling scent over harmful chemicals any day. 

Next I divided up my hair into 2 ponytails- an upper pony and a lower pony. 

Using the supplied gloves (thanks LUSH!), I simply scooped out the henna with my hands and rubbed it into my upper ponytail first. Because all my hair was condensed together in the ponytail, I really needed to pull it apart and work the mixture into the inner strands to make sure everything was evenly coated. 

This is the point in the process where bloggers complain of the mess. I saw some girls cover their entire floor with newspaper! Honestly, I thought the level of mess was extremely low and I'm a noob with hair in general. There were blobs of fallen henna mostly over the sink and some on the floor, but I simply wiped it up with a warm tea towel and everything washed down the drain in 2 minutes. I came to the conclusion that it must create much more mess if you dye your whole head.

I then twisted my hair into 2 buns and pinned them to my head with bobby pins. Some people wrap their head with glad wrap for a redder colour, but I left mine to oxidise because I wanted it to be darker. I left the henna in for the recommended 3 hours before washing it out.

Another complaint point. Some girls reported that the henna took ONE HOUR to wash out, and many recommended using bucket loads of conditioner to help the grit slide out. I'm not sure what I did differently, but my henna washed out within 5 minutes just rinsing it under the shower :S.

I applied a dab of coconut oil to my damp hair, waited for it to dry and then lightly curled it using an iron. I was shocked at how shiny my hair looked! It looked so healthy, happy and darker with a definite red tinge. The photo above shows it in half sunlight, half shade. Look at dat shine <3.

In the shade my whole head looked very dark with some peekaboo strands of brown thrown in. I was really happy with the result and was ready to write another rave review!


The result barely lasted a week! 1 week after dying my hair, this is what it looks like, unstyled in the sunlight:

And this is the comparison. Yes my hair quality looks slightly better, but the colour faded so quickly now it basically looks the same as before. 

I went back to LUSH today and exchanged my two remaining cubes for a block of Caca Noir and it is currently sitting in my hair right now. I'm praying it turns out dark and that it lasts. Sigh, I was super impressed at first, but the colour did not last the test of 1 week. All in all, I'm very disappointed in Caca Brun and am hoping that Caca Noir gives me the results I am looking for. 

Main points:
1. Not as messy or smelly as everyone says.
2. Looks great at first, but fades quickly.

I will update on my experience with Caca Noir next week.

Have you dyed your hair with any kind of henna product? Tell me about your experience!

You can get LUSH's Caca henna blocks for $25.95 AUD here.

 *I paid for this product with my own money.

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