Kicho Sheep Oil Cream Review

Thursday, 5 May 2016

Ah Perth, you are supposed to cycle through all 4 seasons, but each and every year the transition from Summer to Winter is swift and brutal. Last week it went from warm and sunny to cold and wet within the space of a day which sparked a fashion panic attack. Thanks to my intensive clearing of my closet (see that post here), I found myself with several dates to attend and nothing to wear!

Needless to say, the same thing happened to my skin. Suddenly, it was parched. Thankfully the KICHO sheep oil cream sponsored by Bntnews came to my rescue.

The first thing I have to mention is that the name is very misleading. The 'sheep oil' comes from the wool, not the flesh of the sheep *sigh of relief*. The wool is sourced from New Zealand and purified with German technology. Lanolin (the fatty, nourishing substance extracted from the wool) combined with multi-vitamins from eight types of berries provides moisturizing, whitening, calming, toning, firming and anti-oxidising benefits.

The packaging is stunning and aimed at a more mature market with the artfully illustrated roses in various shades of orange and red.

No artificial fragrances, parabens, mineral oils, benzophenone, heavy metal contents, steroids, formaldehyde or chemical preservatives.

Natural preservative totarol neutralizes the free oxygen radicals to keep the skin healthy and young.

The glass container is heavy and I love the look and feel of the embossed lid. 

The cream itself is quite unique. You can see in the photo above that there is not much of a greasy shine on the surface of the cream, which is what I usually observe with any cream that contains 'oil' in the name. It is very thick and more solid than the horse oil creams I have tried in the past.

I was very curious about the scent and surprisingly, it smells quite strongly of rosemary (of all things!) with a hint of berry. The smell of rosemary is rather earthy and not my favourite, but the smell dissipates as soon as you rub it in.

After a quick rub into my hand, there is hardly any sheen to be seen. This cream absorbs into my skin crazily fast, literally as soon as I spread it, I feel that it's been sucked into my pores! It's absolutely perfect and leaves my skin feeling quenched and hydrated and looking completely matte. No sheen to be seen! 

At the moment I am using it as the last step in my morning and night routines to top up the moisture levels in my skin as the weather grows colder. 

Lavicos Enzyme cleanser, C20 Vitamin C serum, COSRX oil free lotion, KICHO sheep oil cream.

Philosophy Purity cleanser, COSRX AHA & BHA toner, COSRX Blackhead Power liquid, KICHO sheep oil cream.

The only possible negative I can foresee is that the cream will run out quite quickly as I do need a fair amount of it each use due to the relatively non-spreadable texture.

You can purchase the KICHO sheep oil cream on Cupidrop for $58 USD, which is moderately pricey, but justified considering the non-harmful ingredients. 

*I was gifted this product for review, all my opinions are 100% honest.

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