X-23 (Laura Kinney) vs Wolverine!

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Remember my part 1 x-23 post which detailed my design and thought process for my costume? Well I finally finished my costume some months ago and managed to shoot in it with the one and only Darkforce cosplay in his amazing wolverine cosplay. Do we make a sexy team? Michael from Vestiige photography took charge of the artistic direction for this shoot and we explored a new location, the old abandoned Boral factory. 

I'm currently working on getting my abs back for Supanova with intermittent fasting (leangains) paired with bulletproof coffee in the mornings. 

See how this next location is a storey up? There were no stairs to get there as they had been demolished. Someone had laid a thin wooden plank across a 3-4m gap and that was what we used to shuffle along to get up here! It was super scary because the fall did not look nice- the ground was covered in sharp brick rubble! We took this shot time after time again and our assistants could not get the hair flick right. I still think my hair should be flying more backwards than upwards, but it's a pretty good image regardless! 

Post shoot selfie with the whole team! Here we have SirGlaxer who takes amazing videos, Mike from Vestiige and Felix's Forge, another cosplayer. 

I'm very excited to wear my x-23 to Supanova in a couple of weeks! If you see me, please say hi and grab a photo! 

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