Beige Chuu Hard Finish Wood Pencil Eyebrow Review

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

I haven't used a new brow product in what feels like years. I usually use an angled brush dipped in black eyeshadow to arch out my brows, so it took some time to get used to using a brow pencil again. And I have to say, I find using a pencil much more time consuming, and I don't like the results as much.

I'm familiar with the brand Beige as I have tried their eyeliner (which I hated). Thank you Bntnews for sending me this product!

Draws delicate eyebrows
Hard type
Long lasting
Buildable pigmentation and able to be layered
Oil- control formula to boost adhesion 

I've used the pencil for 2 weeks and have only ever sharpened it once! It is certainly of the hard type and the pencil is longer than most other pencil products which means it will last forever. Below is my bare, patchy eyebrow.

Here I have filled it in to the best of my ability. The pencil comes out a brownish grey and the pigmentation is very light. I usually like to draw under the arch of my brow to straighten out my brows a little, and the pencil colour is too light compared to my black brows to seem natural. It didn't do much to cover my bald patches either- somehow the bald patches seem more pronounced when filled in?

I also found the pencil quite time consuming to use as the strokes have to be much more precise compared to using a brush and eyeshadow. I do not agree with the claim that the colour is buildable, as it did not get darker with several applications. 

Here I filled in the brow on the left, but not the right. Eep my brows sit so unevenly on my face :(.

From further away, the effect is as advertised. Very soft and 'delicate' no? I look much 'kinder' than when I have my usual dramatic black brows on. The colour does last all day, but then again I never have much of an issue with my brows smudging in the first place. 

I think this is a good product and will probably suit you a bit better if you have brown hair. I'm glad I have this in my collection and I will definitely make use of it on some days when I feel like doing a light, pretty makeup look. However, for everyday use I still prefer my good old brush and eyeshadow because it saves me time!

You can get it for $12 on the official Chuu US shop here.

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