Catalinageo Mascara Lash Power Volumizing Mascara Review

Saturday, 20 August 2016

Korean mascaras do not have a good track record in my books, as they usually do not cater to my lash needs. I love big, sexy false lashes and wear them every single day. On the off days where I don't wear falsies, I need my mascara to transform my lashes into the biggest, fluffiest lashes possible and I find that Korean mascaras usually do not deliver. I hoped that this Catalinageo mascara sent by Bntnews would break down my misgivings, but sadly it didn't.

The mascara claims to deliver a 3D volume effect, lasts for 12 hours and gives a detailed long lash look without clumping. It is smudge free, and I noticed that it does not claim to be waterproof which made me doubt it's curling power already. I always buy waterproof mascaras because they are the only type of mascara that holds a curl for my Asian lashes. 

The black and gold packaging is slim, pretty and very royal looking! The wand is average sized, but the dense bristles make it seem larger and it is a little awkward to use. The formula isn't too wet, which is a good thing- I much prefer drier formulas because wet ones weigh my lashes down and straighten the curl.

These are my natural, straight lashes: 

After curling and 1 coat of mascara:

Overall the effect is just... Minimal. My lashes did drop significantly after I applied the mascara- when I curl my lashes, I really make sure they reach to above my crease before applying mascara. This look is way too natural for my liking! It simply made my lashes blacker and little thicker. 

I am not a fan of this product and it seems like you can't get it online yet. Regradless, just go with a Maybelline mascara- they are cheap and effective!

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