The Lavicos Enzyme Clear Foam Review

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

I'm just gonna put this out there. This is hands down my favourite cleanser at the moment and it completely exceeded my expectations! I am still using my Lavicos powder enzyme cleanser in the mornings because it provides the perfect gentle cleanse for my skin in the mornings when my skin is just a bit stale. However it wasn't powerful enough to remove my makeup at night. I have always used two different cleansers for morning and night anyway and it just so turns out that this Laviscos gel cleanser meets all my needs for night cleansing.

Refreshing and moisturising cleanser with gentle gel foam
Aloe vera extract
Lifts away impurities and removes makeup

I always take the 'removes makeup' claim with a pinch of salt because I wear a full base (foundation, concealer, powder) and rarely find a cleanser powerful enough to remove everything in one go.

Super simple white packaging. Because I love the product so much, my only complaint is I wish it were bigger! The cleanser comes out as a crystal clear gel and my favourite way to use it to squeeze it onto my Olay Pro-x cleansing system brush (basically a revolving brush head for mechanical exfoliation), wet it, and then go ahead and cleanse my face. 

The gel foams up only a little, but the lather is silky and rich. My makeup pretty much dissolves instantly in one go! When I go in for a double cleanse, the brush head comes off my face clean, meaning EVERYTHING was removed on the first go! Do you know how rare that is?!

The cleanser also smells super fresh and light and my skin is not too dehydrated afterwards. Although I do put on my moisturiser when my skin is still wet and my pores still open to reap the most benefits from my skincare. I'm not going to leave my skin unattended to gage whether a cleanser is drying my skin or not, because it most likely is, and that's normal when you strip your skin of its natural oils! 

I am so impressed that a double pea sized amount of this gel cleanser has the power to cut though my base and eye makeup with such ease. I highly recommend this cleanser and although I still use my old HG Philosophy Purity cleanser as a second cleanse, I would repurchase this one again and again. IF ONLY I COULD FIND IT ONLINE! 

Thank you Bntnews!

*This item was gifted for review, all my opinions are 100% honest.

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