Elektra and Daredevil Cosplay- Netflix's Daredevil Version

Monday, 28 August 2017

I'm a fan of the Daredevil series and alway had Elektra in mind to cosplay for a small con. Evolve Perth was the perfect occasion! Evolve 2016 marked my first cosplay dance performance with KCDC, you can watch a fancam of that performance here. I can't believe 1 year has passed so quickly. It also marked my first time meeting Ben from Peegion Photography and we've become good friends since! He is an extremely talented photographer, I'd love i if you guys could support his page! The next 3 photos are by Ben.


My partner in crime is the always athletic Adrian Beau. He was feeling insecure in his costume on the way there because we didn't figure out how to tie his head doodad in time. He's actually wearing a beanie underneath some thin seethrough material. We tried it without the beanie and his hair just poked through the material and stuck out everywhere! I think it looks fine though and he got many compliments on how much he suited the cosplay!

The next photos are by Joel, who is such a sweetheart. He has one of those personalities that just shines with kindness! You know the sort. I love catching up with him at conventions!

These photos were taken on my camera. There really wasn't too much to sew for this costume and I did it in one day. It's essentially a sleeveless turtleneck with a very long neck, which I made as a crop top to reduce any bulkiness around my torso. I made the top as a leotard because I wanted a streamlined, form fitted look. A regular top tucked into the jeans would have moved around all day, especially with the poses I was doing! 

With Kaotsun who performed that day as Kotori from Love Live. You can watch the routine here.

Finishing off with a kick for effect! Pow! 

Btw, my sais are actually kids toys. They are Raphael's (TMNT) sais, which I rewrapped in red material! I got mine from CostumeBox.

I had a great day, but I spent most of it outside the convention, hanging out and taking photos which seems to be the case more and more often. As a minimalist, I have never bought anything from a convention and for some reason I don't really enjoy watching the cosplay comps. The most enjoyable parts for me are the performances, and this year, Rebel Empire Workshops knocked it out of the park with their Pirates of the Caribbean number. I was seriously so impressed and I have quite a high standard for performances. Of course the girls from KCDC were adorable too in their Love Live performances! 

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