Laura Kinney x-23 Marvel Cosplay

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

I completed this cosplay in 2016 before Logan (the movie) came out! This is an original design and you can find my thought process behind the costume here. I sewed the top, gloves and cuffs myself out of a stretchy PU fabric. This cosplay has come to be one of my better known characters throughout the years, which is strange because I don't feel that comfortable in it. 

Fabric, studs, leggings, belt cost approximately $80.
Boots were reused from my Cammy cosplay.
Claws made to size and commissioned by Felix's Forge: $100.

Photoset is by the super talented Darek from WithU Photography. Darek is extremely professional and versatile and I recommend him for all your photography needs! We roadtripped to a fantastic abandoned factory location in the country, ate some junk and got eaten by mosquitos. All part of the sweet memories! 

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