Street Fighter Cammy Cosplay Photoshoots

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Ah I have fond memories of my Cammy cosplay! It all started last year when I was trying to decide on a quick cosplay for Neko Nation, an Australian anime and gaming themed nightclub event. Leotards are my jam, so I ended up making Cammy a few weeks beforehand. Little did I know my Cammy was going to become super popular!

My Cammy debut at Neko Nation with Felix's Forge and Vestiige Productions. Photo by Raito Photography.

I actually used the same pattern as I did for my x-23 cosplay, but extended the top to become a wedgie leotard. The gauntlets are made from EVA foam and I made two versions. One to get trashed at nightclubs and another, fancier pair for conventions. This is my 'fancy' pair!
Approximate costs
Fabric and foam: $25
Wig: $20
Pants (Kmart) and beret: $25
Boots: $35

Filmcraft photoshoot at the Cannington abandoned brick factory.

Vestiige Productions experimental shoot in a self made outdoor studio using a hose! 

Perth Supanova 2016 convention photos.

Cammy watercolour portrait by Jarold Cadion Art.

And last but not least, some Christmas Cammy videos I featured in! I was so excited to be part of Dapper Dog's Christmas special along with fellow cosplayer and model Adrian Beau. Warning: it's a whole lotta weird. But good weird you know!

Thought I'd finish off the post with a pants-free Christmas Cammy dab.

Hope you guys enjoyed my comprehensive Cammy cosplay post! Will I wear Cammy again? Who knows ;).

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