Sucker Punch Babydoll Cosplay Photosets

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

So who else (other than me) liked the movie?

Babydoll was the first costume I ever bought! Unfortunately I don't remember which online store I bought it from as it was years ago, but I am really impressed with the durability of this costume as my sister and I have worn it for numerous occasions. I did have to make some alterations to bring it up a notch in quality though! The top came with a really horrible cheap plastic belt, which I replaced with a brown, stitched leather belt from my wardrobe. The skirt elastic was far too tight and gave me a muffin top, so I rethreaded the skirt elastic. I also added some buttons to the skirt. These minor changes made a big impact on the overall look of the cosplay! A big thank you to my friend Joel for lending me his guns time and time again for my cosplays.

My favourite photoset is by Ben from Peegion photography at Evolve con 2016, which marked the beginning of our friendship! Evolve 2017 is actually this weekend and I can't believe time flew so quickly. I'm going as Elektra from Daredevil, Netflix version.

My blue eyes were bought from Pinky Paradise.

This next photoset is by Collin Kerr Photography. Both sets were taken on the same day in the same location! Isn't it interesting to see how different photos can turn out! Collin is a fantastic glamour and maternity photographer, definitely check out his page.

Vespa Photography took these photos inside the convention hall. FYI my katana is a regular bokken bought from Ebay. Babydoll's is much fancier and US residents can buy a good replica of her katana here

Evolve con also marked my first performance with KCDC! Catch me and the crew in Filmcraft's cosplay music video. 

I love how versatile Babydoll's costume is. I've worn her to a costume party, minus the wig and plus a sailor hat and voila, you have a super cute sailor girl costume! Do you like this cosplay?

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