Suicide Squad Katana Cosplay

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Our Perth Suicide Squad group was my first group cosplay! Leon from Darkforce Cosplay asked if I wanted to be Katana. I did some research on her character and then said YAS because she's badass. And that's pretty much the only character criteria I look for! I do wish she got more screen time in the movie though, but who knows, maybe she will get her own series one day. Her backstory is certainly interesting enough! 

Katana's costume is fairly simple and practical for a hero (woohoo!). Whenever I start a cosplay, I always look for items that can be bought because (in Australia) it's often cheaper to buy than to make. I bought almost every item and then altered each to suit!

The most important part of this costume is the jacket. I bought a cheap bomber jacket online and altered it into a cropped jacket. The gold symbols on her jacket were a problem because the material was cheap and shiny and would not absorb any fabric paint! My other thought was to applique each shape onto the jacket, but the back had writing on it which would have been a bitch to sew. I ended up creating stencils and using metallic gold Sharpies to colour in all the shapes by hand! I went through around 6 Sharpies for the jacket and ended up really liking the worn, slightly patchy appearance of the end result.

The hand and knee guards are made of craft foam. I bought this mask from Ebay and although it was pricey, it is extremely high quality. The only issue I had with it was that it was too big for my face! I solved this problem by repainting it and shading/contouring the outer edges so that the edges would blend into my hair and give the appearance of being smaller. This worked very well and I even had compliments on the mask! Would highly recommend this product.

Below are squad photos taken by Reagan Smash Productions.

Harley Quinn: Lady Jaded
Boomerang: Darkforce Cosplay
Katana: Kim Kine
Enchantress: The CospLadies
Croc: Matt Mcintosh
RickFlag: Mitchell Rose

Boomie and Katana totally have a thing going on ;).

This last photo was taken by Ben from Peegion Photography. He also assisted in the above shots. I actually got ready at his house before the shoot! 1 year later and we have ended up living 10 minutes away from each other and are great friends now. Cosplay brings people together and that's why I love it!

Who is your favourite character from Suicide Squad?

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