Battle Pocahontas Cosplay Versions 1 & 2

Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Battle Pocahontas is one of my most popular cosplays to date, and it's my personal favourite. Pocahontas was my favourite movie when I was a kid, and I still think she is the most beautiful Disney princess. I adore her high cheekbones and damn, that hair! It was a no brainer to cosplay her for the second time as I really wanted to do a foam build, but couldn't find any other characters that I liked enough to cosplay. 

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The following two photos feature my first original Battle Poca design in 2015. This was my first ever build and it wasn't great. The necklace (which was moulded out of clay) looks incomplete- I should have added another section to complete the back part. I also made the armour too small, so the paint cracked horribly whenever I squeezed into it. These photos by Filmcraft are amazing though, and hide all it's flaws! 

Next up is my 2017 redesign! I was heavily inspired by Wonder Woman's armour through the years, and some people even thought I was a Themysciran Pocahontas, which is AWESOME! :D. This fit me much better and I will definitely get more wears out of it. It is made from EVA foam too, a lot of people thought it was made from worbla! I used arrowhead patterns throughout the costume to make it look fierce AF. The bone knife was a good additio and looked killer when strapped onto my thigh.

A comparison of my first and second designs.

Boss photo by Reagan Smash Productions.

I wore her to Perth Suapanova 2017 and got a photo with Brandon Sanderson, my favourite author! Look how happy I look! 

Photo by CK Imagery.

And a happy(ish?) snap with Adrian Beau as Tommy from the Power Rangers movie. 

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