Elektra Cosplay- Comic Version

Monday, 15 January 2018

If you follow me on Facebook and Instagram, you'll know I made this cosplay almost by accident! Chibicon is a small, local convention held by the lovely Trace who owns Yobe Cosplay. My plan was to complete my movie Pocahontas cosplay in time and I even bought the material for it! However, as I make all my own patterns, I do a lot of testing before I touch the actual material. I usually have to remake a garment 2-3 times before I'm happy with it. Anyway, the one shoulder neckline for Pocahontas is the same as some versions of Elektra, and I realised this as I was cutting out the pattern from my scrap red lycra. Boom, I made the bottom of the Pocahontas dress pattern into a leotard, whipped up the skirt and sewed the wraps and there I had an Elektra cosplay. 

What's more, my housemate is a karate man and had some sais to lend me. Let's just say this cosplay was meant to be!

More photos after the jump!

The following photos are all taken by James at Reagan Smash Productions. We couldn't decide on having a dark or light theme for Elektra, so we ended up doing both on top a Perth city rooftop. 

On a side note, I did make Elektra's signature skull cap, but it looked God awful on me, so I went with a headband. Sometimes you have to make these decisions in the name of looking good!

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